Road map /ˈrōd ˌmap/ : a plan or strategy intended to achieve a particular goal.

Welcome to the journey: mine… and yours. This website is both a map and a museum. On one hand, it is a medley of signposts that have guided my search for the next step, directed me forward, and warned me of detours and distractions; on the other hand, it is a collection of memories, musings, and meditations. Hopefully through it all I have learned some lessons.  

Life has given me far more opportunities and open doors than I ever dreamed. God has granted me more blessings than I’ve deserved. Throw in a few miracles here and there. I am eternally grateful for… everything. Life has been good. I have been blessed (or cursed) with curiosity and diverse interests, hobbies, and careers, all influences that lurk around the edge of these pages. I started out in open pit mining, married a beautiful young woman, and did a five-year missionary stint in Eastern Europe. I came home and taught in a private school for a couple of years, drove heavy haul truck here and there, and finally, approaching middle age and sporting gray hairs, attended college and obtained degrees in nursing science. During our missionary stint we adopted three beautiful children who have been critical influencers and teachers on this road to who we are today. 

In the beginning this website was not meant to be a self-help site, an advice column, or a travel guide. Rather it began as a record of life experience. I wrote about journeys, both literal and figurative, and tried to put into writing the many facets and the eternal challenge of life here on this beleaguered planet. Over time as we have become more involved with people through counseling and volunteer work I have found myself posting articles and blogs that may sound suspiciously like advice. I have even begun selling what is considered an alternative medicine, which was a stretch for me! I post these things because I am passionate about helping people who come with one need or another. I have been there myself. We are all walking each other home.

My ultimate goal is the pursuit of truth. I want to be kindly honest, with myself as well as with others. I also seek the concepts and ideas that produce true joy and bring authentic meaning and connection to our lives. I try to stay mindful of the mysterious juxtaposition between our brokenness and our potential, the darkness of the past and brightness of the future, and to see through it all the immense and endless goodness of God our creator. 

I hope that the contents on this site can be of help to someone in their own search for the way to a brighter tomorrow. I invite you to explore the map, stroll through the museum, and check out the resources I’ve collected. Comment if you feel so inclined. I always value and welcome input of any kind. 

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About Me

I spend my days seeing patients in a small community hospital. My spare minutes and hours are spent with my family. What’s left after that is spent in writing, reading, and counseling. This site contains links to my blog and essays as well as a link to counseling services and resources. Thanks for stopping by.