Mental Health Consulting & Counsel

We provide initial emotional support triage, resources, and ongoing/longterm counseling services for individuals and couples experiencing mental and emotional challenges. Our interest and experience is varied and diverse; we started by working primarily with trauma related to adoption issues and have since branched out into other areas, such as marriage and family counseling. We consider all challenges but may direct you to other professionals in the field better suited to help you.

We prefer prospective and first time clients use the form below as an initial contact. However, feel free to email or WhatsApp as well.

Update: As of summer 2022 we are finding that we cannot take on full time clients due to home obligations, time constraints, and our responsibilities on the Resource Team. We still invite you to reach out if you have questions or need some “quick” counsel. For long term counseling and/or therapy we will likely point you elsewhere or assist with finding you someone who can help. We appreciate your understanding.


Whatsapp: 574-238-8372 (Ben)

Whatsapp: 574-238-8413 (Rose)

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