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Sorry, No Friendships Allowed

September 21, 2021

You there, yes you, the guy that’s making faces and disrupting class: please leave. Yes, you heard me, I said leave. There’s the door, use it. Thank-you.

Ok class turn to page fifty-six and please commence reading. Interesting people those early settlers, and the wars with the Indians, watch out, here they come across the field, everyone under your desks, this could get messy. Bar the doors, yes young man, you, please scout out a safe position to reconnoiter and consider our options. Girls quit crying and sniffling like that, support your men, grab a broom! The war is over and the settlers continue to construct their log cabins, the students focus, engrossed now, history brought to life as stories fly around the room like discombobulated bats. Oh and did I tell you the one about…

Whoops, I’m sorry, did I forget you out there, please forgive me, it was difficult to study with you making stupid noises and trying to cut the fool. Do that again and you’ll miss out on all the fun stuff. I’m serious.

Inside I’m shaking, what if he wouldn’t have listened, he’s bigger than I am, what would I have done then, oh my, this job can be stressful.

Friends don’t treat friends that way and that’s why you can’t be friends with the crowd in the desks, the little people who are expecting you to lead. No friendships allowed, but oh they will love you.

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